Tricks to stop your cat from spilling water

Were you wondering how to stop a cat from spilling the water bowl? Why do they do it? What can you do to prevent those bothersome spill water on your floors? 

Cats spilling water instead of drinking it is quite a high alerting issue on a pet parent list. Perhaps, the worst out of all is when it splashes over into a neighboring bowl and ruins the cat food you spent a lot of time picking out for them. Be assured there are plenty of fool-proof ways to keep their water bowl firmly in place.

Why Does Your Cat Hit Her Water Bowl?

It can be excellent to give a thought to figure out why your cat is engaging in spilling water. Many of our feline companions find watching moving water to be fascinating, and you might have glimpsed your cat gazing at a fountain or trying to dip their paw under a running tap.

The other common reason could be accessibility issues, with many cats struggling to drink out of narrow bowls. Another reason could be mental health issues, which sometimes cause irregular and unusual behavior in your pet.

How Do You Stop Cats From Spilling Water?

You want a solution for your kitty not to spill a water bowl. Let us get all possible solutions to help her out.

  • Get a heavy-bottom bowl - 

spill-free cat food bowl

The best obstacle is to invest in a weighted bottom water bowl. These are mainly made from stainless steel or ceramic bowl, and the heaviness ensures that it stays firmly in place. These bowls are durable, well constructed, and excellent for serial water-spiller pets.

  • Invest in a feeding station - 

You can try a feeding station with space for food and water, like the cat bowl. The station must be situated at height and space beside the bowl holder. The station helps to get rid of excess water and can be easily clean. 

  • A pet fountain - 

cat water fountain

The best pet water fountains are the perfect way to give your kitty full access to fresh drinking water. The Pet fountain solves the problem of accessibility and attracts the kitten to drink more water.

  • Keep Changing - 

You'd be shocked how fast the water in your cat's bowl can become polluted with dust, food particles, fur, and other garbage. Spilling water may be an indication from your cat that their water-bowl is tasting a little stale, and they require some freshwater.

  • Non-Slip Cat Food Mat - 

non-slip cat food mat

A non-slip cat food mat is beneficial while dealing with the spilling habit of your cat. This mat helps keep your kitten bowl in place, and slowly, you will see a change in the spilling master's habit. The waterproof cat food mat created a vacuum that sticks to the floor in every possible scenario.

Bye-Bye to Spilling water 

Frequent water spills can be frustrating, and your kitty isn't doing it to annoy you most of the time. Many do it as a part of their fun session. Now you have tricks to trick them. Adopt the above steps, it will help in eliminating water spills. And make the daily fluid intake a more accessible and comfortable experience for your furry pet