Does it have batteries or a plug?


 It has a USB cable and USB adaptor.


Does it include a filter already?


Yes, it includes a filter already.


How long does one filter last?


One filter lasts for 8 weeks.


How to clean the water pump?


Open the back cover, use a small brush to clean the turbine.


What if the water pump does not work? Is there a way to sort it out?


Yes, it is easy. Please follow this instruction video:



Is there a minimum water level requirement?


Yes, the water level has to be higher than the water pump. Once it is lower than the water pump, then it needs to refill water.


Is it easy to refill the water?


Yes, very easy, pour water into the top pool, no need to open the cover.


Is this cat fountain BPA free?


Yes, it is BPA free.


What is the 5-in-1 Filtration system?

Compare to single layer filter, 5-in-1 filtration substitute with 5 layer 


Is the cat fountain really worth it?

Cat’s whiskers are very sensitive. Their whiskers could graze the side of the bowl and it could cause discomfort, Water fountain Encourages your cat to drink more and Clean water at all times.


Does the cat fountain have batteries or a plug?

It has a USB cable and USB adaptor.


Does the cat fountain include a filter already?

A:Yes, it includes a 5-in-1 filter already.


How long does one filter last?

One filter lasts for 8 weeks(2 months).


How to clean the water pump?

Open the back cover, use a small brush to clean the turbine.


What if the water pump does not work? Is there a way to sort it out?

Yes, it is easy. Please follow this instruction video: https://youtu.be/NOIGAoU5pIM


Is there a minimum water level requirement?

Yes, the water level has to be higher than the water pump. Once it is lower than the water pump, then it needs to refill water.


Is it easy to refill the water?

Yes, It's very easy, pour water into the top pool, no need to open the cover.


Is this cat fountain BPA free?

Yes, it is BPA free.

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