How do we get our dog to eat slower?

Your fur friend loves healthy eating habits the same way you do. Mostly dogs scarf down their food without any delay. This quick eating habit should be the cause of concern for pet owners as they are the primary source of various problems. Dogs who eat fast can face problems like choking, gagging, vomiting, and bloating.

You can avoid these problems by slowing down the speedy intake of food. Sometimes, it’s pretty hard to train your dog to slow down his speed of food consumption. So, we came up with tips and tricks which we tried and tested, and you too should follow them.

How to train a dog to eat slower?

All breeds of dogs are not equally good in the training part as it’s pretty difficult to train your dog suddenly and expect a quick response. Training requires patience from both ends, especially when it’s all about dog food intake habits. Many dog breeds are born to train quickly, and many are touted as trained anyhow. Here you’ll learn some tricks to train your dog and help to maintain healthy eating habits.

Buy a specific feeder

Automatic Pet Feeder

Feeding your dog with your hands is the best way to maintain their eating habit. But if you’re a working person and need to be away from home all day long, Pawoof’s Automatic Pet Feeder is a good option. It helps you to feed your dog on time, is easy to use, washable, and can contain 4 liters of food in it.

Place your dog’s food in a muffin tin

The next trick is to place your dog’s food in multiple sections in the muffin tin. It helps your dog have a small break while eating and thus slows the speed of his intake.

Separate your dogs during mealtime

If you have more than one dog, you need to separate them from one another during mealtime. Dogs tend to eat faster if they see it as a competition. It’ll also prevent them from getting distracted while you train them to eat slowly. Also, you can feed in a separate room, which helps you enjoy food simultaneously.

Get on your feeding schedule

Creating a feeding schedule is very important for your pet. It will help digest the food quickly, and the pet will feel relaxed more often. The process induces slower and more adaptable eating habits from the start. You need to divide the food structure into multiple proportions for an appropriate diet.

Switch to wet food

Feeding your pet more wet dog food will help them chew the food slower as wet food tends to be chewy and gooey and contains more moisture, which helps your pet stay hydrated. It also prevents your pet from unnecessary urinary-tract problems.

Place large objects in your dog’s bowl

Yes, you read it right! Placing an object will help your dog be on track with slow eating. An object like a ball or any toy will force your pet to eat whatever food is around it. The pet will have to make efforts to eat, which will let it eat steadily as a result.

Food puzzle

pet food puzzle

It is similar to slow feeder pet bowls as it is designed with puzzles with nooks and crannies where a pet can eat a few pieces of food at a time.

How often should you feed your dog?

How often you can feed your dog is a tricky question to answer! Every dog is different in stature, and each breed’s body type and size need different requirements. The activity they perform all day long needs additional calories to burn. You need to consult a vet to go through a proper checkup, and as they recommend, you can prepare the feeding chart for your lovely dog. For supplements like slow feeder pet bowls, pet toys, water fountains, and many more, you can visit Pawoof!