5 Tips to make your Indoor Cat happy

Does your cat get bored quickly at home? Or you don't get enough gadgets to keep her busy in-house?

Cats are wild, eager, and playful every possible time. It becomes hard to keep your kitten calm and grounded at home. Most cat breeds love to hunt, roam and run in the open. Sometimes, they can become aggressive too, and in those cases, it becomes an arduous task to keep them calm.

You and your Cat can enjoy quality time within the doors by following the below tricks and tips. These tips can make your indoor cat happy in no time.

  • Keep Surrounding clean

Cats love hygienic environments. Being odor-free is crucial to hunting and survival. Cats are sensitive towards smells and need a squeaky-clean surrounding to be happy.

Cats can entirely keep clean and confront a long habit of being odor-free. It would be best to bathe them filthy or contact a toxic product.

  • Offer your pet’s favorite treats in a puzzled food bowl 
puzzled food bowl

One of the most innovative ways to make your cat happy is to keep them busy with interactive cat food puzzles. While kept inside the house all day, your cat may act grumpy the food puzzle keeps her mind busy while having meals. 

Food puzzled bowls are also helpful in slowing the eating rate of your pet. Eating slower helps in your kitten's digestion and full her tummy which leads to a night of good sleep.

  • Spare extra space with beautiful site to relax 

A wide mounted bed or a porch will help your cat relax and look outside from the window all day long. A lazy creature like a cat loves to see the blue sky and nature’s activity all day without getting bored. Sometimes cats need to be relaxed, sitting beside the open sky makes them happier.

  • Let her play with Interactive Cat Toys
Interactive Cat Toys

Cats love to play fetch, throwing a toy in front of them can help your cat be busy. Interactive cat toys help your kitten to be busy in her alone time. Magic smart beetle, this toy crawls like a natural insect, and you just have to switch on the play button, your cat will start running behind it.

If your cat likes mice as prey, you can try an Interactive mouse toy that triggers your cats’ interest within a second. You need to switch on the button, and the mouse will run from one end to another. By seeing that, your cat will start chasing him. These electronic cat toys let your cat be attentive all day long.

  • Give her Human Touch 

Cuddle your cat to share your emotion with what you feel for her. A touch can melt any creatures’ hearts and relax them. Bare skin’s touch can become subtle in your cat’s mood as it will help her feel your love and affection towards her.

It is a significant part of taking care of your pet and making them feel that they’re worthy enough for your love.

Try and Test the key to being Happy

You know all the tips and tricks to make your kitty happy. Try and test with your kitty, in the process, you’ll need gears to impress her. So grab all ranging from your pet’s toys, puzzled food bowls, and other cat accessories from Pawoof, to make your indoor cat’s life happy and joyful.