Is It Okay To Give A Pet As A Present?

Thinking about surprising your loved ones with a cute little puppy or a teeny tiny kitten? While it may sound like a great idea to you, that's not the case often for the receiver. There are many 'but and if' involved that should be considered before considering pets as gift cards. You should and must think about various factors in advance before gifting a pet. Below are some of the questions that you can ask yourself in advance to ensure that your gift is going to be the right one for the recipient:

  • Does the owner want a pet and is ready to receive them as a gift?
  • Is the recipient pet-friendly and responsible enough to take care of?
  • How is the lifestyle of the recipient?
  • Do they have enough space for pets?
  • Is the recipient financially capable enough to take care of the pet?
  • Does the to-be owner have time that they can commit to the pets?
  • Do they have the energy to take proper care?

If the answers to these questions favor your decision, you can go for it. However, there are specific tips to consider to ensure that the little beings do not end up in a shelter.

Pets As Surprise Gift? It Might Not Be A Great Idea

Pets are great companions but equally significant commitments and require a lot of time and effort from the owner. You love pets and are thinking of surprising your friend, family, or loved ones with pets. This does not necessarily mean the recipient will be ready to receive them with the same enthusiasm you gift them. Take their prior approval and know if they are prepared for pet parenting.  

Considering Which Pet To Gift?

This depends on the various factors. Gifting the big size dog breeds can be great for households having ample space and dedicated persons to take care of them. And for homes with less space and older people with mobility issues, kittens can be a suitable choice. Or, you can give a turtle as they are easy to take care of and need less attention or commitment than dogs or cats.

Gift Responsibly 

Before gifting a pet, ensuring the recipient's commitment is crucial. Check if they are physically, financially, or emotionally prepared to take care of the pet. Cats or dogs live upto 15-20 years and are long commitment pets. Ensure that the owner is ready for that long commitment. 

People who are not physically or financially fit also might not be the right fit for pet parenting. Proper food supplies, grooming, or regular veterinary visit expenses require a good enough investment to raise a pet. Moreover, it also necessitates the recipient's time and attention, whether for their playtime or to take care of them. Not to forget, some of the pets need ample space as well.

Do It The Right Way 

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Considering all the considerations, if you have decided to present someone with a pet, there are a few points to do it the right way. It is better to take the recipient with you and ask them to choose an animal from a shelter to adopt. Or, take them to the dog shelter if gifting a dog or to the cat pet online store to select a cat for themselves. Gifting pets from the shelter will give that animal a new and better life. 

Also, with the pet you are gifting, add necessary supplies and accessories as well. For instance, if you are giving a dog, make sure to add a leash, collar, or harness. Moreover, adding a food bowl or a water fountain with filters would be a cherry on the cake for the cat recipients.