Which Is A Safer Option For Your Dog: A Collar Or A Harness?

No matter the type of dog you have, one thing's common for all is that they all need to walk. Once you take your dog out for a walk on a leash, you probably must have seen your pooch tugging pretty hard on the leash at some point or another. 

They pull against the tension, which could end up choking themselves on the leash, making you wonder what might be better, a dog collar or a leash.

You might be thinking that picking up a dog collar or leash for dogs is an easy task. Well, that might not be the reality, as when you enter a pet store, you will get bombarded with an overwhelming number of options. So you got to see the pros of both the options available and select the one that best suits your dog's personality. 

Benefits of using harness leash for dogs:

  • It helps reduce pulling

Harnesses cover the chest, shoulder, and upper back region that help disperse the pressure into a larger surface area. 

  • Harnesses don’t apply pressure to the neck region of your dog.

As harnesses cover the chest, shoulder, and back region of the dog's body, it does not apply any kind of pressure on their trachea region, allowing them to walk freely. 

harness leash for dog


This functionality of harnesses makes it an ideal choice for pets with neck problems and collapsing tracheas. 

  • Harnesses tend to be a lot more secure.

Harnesses are better in preventing any kind of accidents as they tighten around your dog's body, preventing them from slipping out and creating havoc. That’s not the case for dog collars, as they can easily slip out of their dog collars and run wild going into the traffic or another man's yard. It makes harnesses safer and secure, making them ideal for dog parents with quirky and wild pooch's. 

Here are some benefits that using dog collars could have:

  • Dog collars are a lot more convenient

The first and most important benefit of using a collar is that they are a lot more convenient than harnesses and can be left on at all times. At the same time, harnesses can only be worn during walks. If your dog doesn't like to wear a collar at all times, you can still quickly put it on and off, which is not the case for harnesses. 

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A collar will be a much more convenient option in case you are going for a quick walk or going out randomly. You can also use collars for long walks if your vet allows you to do so. 

  • Collars generally come with ID tags.

Collars mostly come up with a metallic ring that lets you attach your pet's ID tag along with your address and phone number just as a precaution in case the dog ever gets lost. 

We at Pawoof have a variety of collars and harness leashes for dogs providing you the opportunity to choose. These come in various styles, giving you the option to select the one that will be better for your dog.