Is a Cat Fountain Really Worth it?

Cats don’t like to drink water by nature. If you don’t pay more attention, cats may suffer from various diseases due to lack of water. To ensure that they can replenish moisture in a timely manner so that the shovelers can go out with peace of mind. There are many types of electric water fountain, the difference in capacity or whether it has a water filtration system, etc, are the key points worth observing when purchasing.


First, the key factor of purchasing an electric water fountain for cats:
Presumably, everyone knows the nature of water to cats, so how to attract cats to take in enough water is the homework that the owner should do.
Let's get to the main topic and see how to choose a suitable electric water fountain for cats!


Appropriate height can reduce the burden on cats.  

A bowl that is too low will push the cats to bend their bodies to drink water. This is not a problem when they are young and healthy. However, if the cats in the house have reached an advanced age, such actions will cause them to have a considerable burden on their spine. Closer to the ground is also more prone to dust and hair falling into the water.  

The sutiable water fountain in a comfortable posture can increase cat's expectation of drinking water. However, increasing the height relatively increases the chance of overturning, especially when you encounter naughty and curious cats, you must pay attention to stability while paying attention to the height.

May be an image of cat, food and body of water

Provide enough space for cat whiskers to stretch.

Research notes that a cat’s whiskers are very sensitive. “When they put their face into their water bowl to drink, their whiskers could graze the side of the bowl and it could cause discomfort,” the researcher explains.

If the cats eat and drink the water bowl is too small, the whiskers are often reset or stuck, and the tired posture can easily cause stress to reduce the intention of eating and drinking. When purchasing a water fountain, it does not hinder the observation of whether the capacity and appearance are in line with the cat's body shape, to ensure that they can drink water in a comfortable and stress-free environment.  


Circulating water purification system is easy to clean.  

First of all, if the drinking fountain has the design of a circulating water purification system, it will greatly replace the style with only a simple motor device in terms of hygiene. But if you neglect to clean or change the filter consumables infrequently, the waterer will not be able to continue to provide clean and good water for your cat.

Therefore, in addition to cleaning at least 1 to 2 times a week, it is also very important to avoid buying models that are too complicated or have too many dead corners, which make replacement and cleaning difficult. There is a slight burden on cleaning, so it may be more suitable to choose a style that automatically replenishes drinking water or needs to change the water.

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