How Often Do We Need to Replace Cat Fountain Filter?

Because of the popularity of home life in the past year, more and more people are aware of pet health problems. With the improvement of the owner’s quality of life, people begin to pay attention to the positive impact of cat food and appropriate activities on pets, pure drinking water, and appropriate drinking habits will greatly improve the cat's physical condition.


At most cat lover’s homes, people began to equip a chic cat drinking water fountain machine. On the one hand, it can provide cats with plenty of fresh & clean water, and on the other hand, it can also bring another scenery to home decoration.


However, the reason why the cat drinks more water is that the replaceable filter core layer filters the water quality to ensure the purity and filterability of the water quality.

Not only do most owners say that they don’t know the frequency to replace the filter element to maintain the purity of the water. Some even did not know the existence of the inner filter when buying a cat water fountain, which leads to the long-term failure to replace the
filter to cause cat's physical problems.

General, we analysis the comparison of 2 months used filter water and new filter water, then we have detected that there are still microorganisms in the water filtered by the filters that has been used for 2 months, and some of the filter elements have lost their filtration activity.

selective focus photo of cat

It can be confirmed that the filtration system has no filtering function after 8 weeks of use.

In conclusion, 2 Months is Maximize time to replace a filter for cat's health
(Select the 5 in 1 filter for human-quality drinking water) Considering the pure level of the cat's drinking water, Replacing the filter as per 3 months will let the Cat Fountain make sense. Based on extensive research, analyzers detect water drinking quality take an important role in cats' life.

Replace the filter on time and supplies your cats with fresh and clean
drinking water to keep them healthy.