12 Things your cats want to tell to you. 5 Mins to Understanding Cat Language

If your cat can talk with you, what did she want to tell you?

12 things your cat will tell you if they can talk.

 (Note: Senior old cat slave, sharing more than 10 years of experience in raising cats)

There is not the worst expression to let you realizing their needs. People always know the needs of cats, but we can speak different languages. When we get along with the cat, we need to constantly guess what each other's thoughts. Assuming that cats has a short time to communicate with owner, what needs will they tell us first?

1. It’s hard for me to tell you when I feel uncomfortable

You know, my limited ability to convey information. If you realize me behaving unusual, please pay more attention to me. I may be sick or suffered!

2. You can understand me by observing my tail

I often use my tail to express my mood. Observe my tail (and my other body language) to determine if I can be happy, fearful, alert, or relaxed.

3. My teeth need cleaning

I don't want to admit that I need dental care. Please brush my teeth regularly. Of course, you can also use other tooth cleaning therapies instead, especially since these corrective measures are delicious to me (such as raw chicken neck).

4.I need to scratch

Scratching is also an instinct to me, it helps me mark my territory. In addition, it is also good for my paws. Please give me something to scratch! You can buy one or make one. If I didn't, I might tear your sofa. (Disclaimer: I still reserve the right to catch your sofa for any reason)

5.I need to sleep well

Please don't disturb me while I am asleep, even if I have a bad dream! I know it is difficult, but I need my REM sleep, which interferes when you wake me up from a dream.

6.I (generally) don’t need a bath

I don’t just say that, because I don’t want to take a bath (although this is also true). ​​I'm really good at grooming myself, so I don't need to take a bath, except in the following special circumstances: if I have fleas or long-haired.

7.I'm meowing because I want to tell you something

If I am meowing, I might want to tell you something. So please try to find out what it is! (This is probably related to food.)

8.I may show you belly, but I don’t always want you to pet my bellies 

Obviously, I have a very cute belly. if I expose my bellies to you means completely trust. because it means I am satisfied and I trust you. However, sometimes it is just a comfortable posture for me and a way for me to show my self-satisfaction. But I don't invite you to pet my bellies necessarily. I am not a dog!

9.Your smell makes me feel safe

This is why I like to sit on your clothes. With the smell left behind, you have marked clothes and other items as safe. I rely on you because the smell you leave makes me feel comfortable. So please don't be annoyed when my hair is all over your sweater. Because it is a tribute.

10.I need a place to hide

Boxes, bags, or any small confined spaces cannot satisfy me. Please at least provide me with a few hiding places because I like it! Hiding is a feline's instinct and makes me feel safe.

11.I need mental stimulation
My world is small. This is no problem for me, but I need mental stimulation to kill time and keep my brain active. I like games and Interactive Automatic Cat Toy. I also hope you play with me for at least 15 minutes every day.

12.I love you

I know that I can't always doing well, and I am famous for being indifferent. But I love you. Thank you for taking care of me. please give me some food now.