What Is The Significance Of A Water Fountain?

We always desire our fur friends to live happy and healthy! Giving our furry friends the best life possible is nothing less than a dream come true. However, with the pet product market brimming a variety of enticing products, it becomes hard to determine which ones will help us keep our pets live healthy and happy. Amidst a varied range of products surprising the pet market with enthralling specifications, the focus today has been on the rise in popularity of the pet water fountain, with every pet owner bringing home one for their beloved fur babies.  

Significance of the pet water fountain

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You may be wondering whether a water fountain for your pet cat, in particular, is worth your investment or not! Well, the pet fountains suit the best of your pet's needs and are going to improve your pet's health, guaranteeing a significant number of benefits associated with them. Let us discover them one by one!

1) Fresh and clean drinking water for your pet's improved health

A high-quality pet water fountain facilitates you with some form of filtration. Ranging from simple to more in-depth filtration techniques, the pet cat's water fountain comes with advanced anti-bacterial filters to deny any entry to the particulate. Your pet cat's water dish might be a breeding ground of bacteria and viruses, which can lead to serious illness if not treated before consumption. Getting home a water fountain with high-performance filters highlights the following features:

  • High-quality coconut shell activated carbon
  • Silver ion formula
  • Purolite ion exchange resin
  • High absorption capacity
  • Multi-pore mineral stone balls

2) A proper hydration technique

Our pet cats are more sensitive and instinctive about smells and tastes of any kind. They can easily sense the odor of the chemicals in the tap water, which might lead to the pet resisting a proper and timely water intake. The pet, in turn, is chronically dehydrated in this case. The water in fountains is more likely to be free from undesirable odors and tastes, thus leading to a proper intake and maintaining hydration. 

3) Water stays cool for long

Another major factor that encourages your pet to drink enough water is the temperature of the water itself. The constant circulation of water inside the pool decreases the temperature by a couple of degrees. The surrounding temperature compels the pet cat to drink. Water staying cold acts as an emerging refreshment source. 

4) Less stress on refilling

Holding higher volumes of water for a significantly longer period, a pet fountain saves you against a constant refilling procedure. You can leave your pet at home with its fountain ensuring there is enough water stored in the bank for any length of time. A constant high-quality filtration system simultaneously keeps the stored water fresh and energizing. 

Feed them clean and fresh water throughout the day

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Pet water fountains save a lot of the owner's time that could have otherwise been wasted in constant refilling and cleaning. Dirty water bowls with slobber and dirt absorption invite the threat of the pet cat getting ill due to the stagnancy. The water fountain keeps it circulating, ensuring a healthy water consumption routine. Water fountains are thus very convenient, with the water getting filtered fresh for intake.