Guide To Understand Common Kitten Behavior

Kittens are the wildest animal on the planet. Having them as a pet is also a challenging task. It isn't easy to understand and stay with them on the same track. Despite their wild behavior, they have come a long way with humans as being a pet. 

A cat can be annoying as she is growing and learning. All kitten breeds do not act the same, but there are a few similarities that almost every kitten at least tried once. Let's find them out.

Cutie Gestures

Cute Gestures by kittens

Cat breeds are one of the finest in being expressive. Your kitten is good at it from the beginning as it's in her genes. Your kitten tries to communicate with you through her body language or meows. As a quick learner, she finds a way of gesture to communicate her feelings and emotions with you. You have to be patient and follow her lead.

Making Sounds

In that very kitten growing stage, you need to be ready to hear weird sounds that are not usual to “meows”. If she is hungry or angry she’ll find a way to say it. You can guess her mood from her sound pitch. If she is happy she definitely expresses herself with a loud noise. If she is sick or feeling low she might not say anything. You just have to catch every single wave that she throws towards you.

Scratching Everything

scratching habit of cats

One of the most famous and everyday habits a kitten has is scratching. She can scratch anything to everything. From couch to walls, from floor-length curtains to even you. Many kittens do because of heredity. Few of them might do to show their anger. If your kitty is habitual of scratching, you can cut short the claw's nails to prevent infection.

Always Playful

playful nature of cat

As we know, a cat is happy to play all day long. They like hunting, roaming around, and love to be near nature. As a pet parent, it might not be possible always to be available for them to play with them. You can arrange a few interactive toys that help them to be busy. Keeping more than one pet is a brilliant idea that keeps them occupied. You can have another kitten or a dog to make the house a battlefield all day long. 

Lying All Day Long

A kitten loves to rest all day long. Viewing nature and others busy in their day-to-day routine makes their minds at peace. A cat loves to sit on a porch and look around like she is guarding her surrounding. Although she became a pet, her ancestors were wild and loved to explore, and keeping a watch on the surroundings was typical for them.

Know Your Kitten

It is essential to know your kitten's common behavior to understand her better. The above characteristics are a general overview to apprehend the pet type and her habits. You should know these insights to create a healthy and mature relationship with your cutie cat. To provide more comfort and happiness, you can gift your kitten a few toys to make her more interactive in your absence. You can visit Pawoof to explore such options.